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Our story:

A vast majority of security professionals have a small & same issue:

– Not enough time to search for a new opportunity.

– Specific researches at the international scale that may take hours or even days.
– Multiple searches on different websites leading to a one or two-hour application form.

We, at Unit Protection Group also knew this kind of concern.

Why do you need our online services online?

Our site provides for security professionals, a new service that improves the chances of getting an international opportunity. Easy to use and focusing on many areas of security, our service will save your time. An all-in-one site aims to bring the security professional with his area of ​expertise closer to the recruiter.

5 Reasons why you should subscribe!

  • Peace of mind. You will never have to search for hours.
  • Content are updated regularly for subscribers. If you want to be the first to enjoy it, subscribe.
  • You will have full access to subscriber content.
  • The subscription is worth testing for a few weeks to experience it.
  • We have been sharing since 2015 and we are learning, adapting, improving and growing.


Why does our service charge a small fee?

Our service started in an informal and free way on a professional meeting site in order to share our sources of international opportunities and assured it for more than 4 years. Naturally, offers have multiplied and visitors too, which has become a full-time job for our members. To cover development costs and continue to help security professionals, we had no choice but to charge a small fee to ensure good service. Compare to other sites, our rates are extraordinarily competitive and tailored to your needs.

In order to provide an optimal service, UPG must continually monitor specific security-related opportunities events in order to inform the member community via posting them. The majority of posts will contain application deadlines, so they will be removed from the site on the relevant date at 05.00 GMT +1.

In addition, UPG develops other innovative and exceptional services to support you on international missions. UPG focuses on innovation, establishing new strategies and working methods while exploiting modern New-Tech.